Who are you supposed to be?

Miasma isn’t fun. It will make you uncomfortable...I had never been more moved by a piece of art...
Into Great Silence 2018.jpg

Some lost everything, some never had anything to begin with. MPS helped those who chose to break free of their great silence. Not all succeeded.

A commanding and artistically ferocious voice in “pitch-black” storytelling…one to watch.
— IGS Guest

I hope you find whatever it is you need to find to make things right for you.

Remember, you deserve happiness.

Everyone deserves happiness.

So few immersive experiences dig deep into your soul and rip what’s left of your beating heart out to let you stare at it for a brief moment. Miasma turned mine black and did it with a gun jammed into my temple.
— NODH Guest
miasma J.jpg

Distorted memories of a guilty man - will you make the same choices?

An emotional roller coaster...
— My Haunt Life

An art show twists into an meeting with a man known only as ‘Father’.

A whole new level of terror that chews you up and spits you out...
— Chicago Red Eye

Private Experience

The stench of fresh death fills a familiar condo in downtown Chicago.